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Simply stated, we aim to leave each place we visit better than we found it. Be it a pond, lake, stream, wetland, woodland or prairie – we provide the ecological skill and expertise needed to care for each place holistically. The result is that the water, land, wildlife and the way people interact with the place are all enhanced.


Clients have relied on us for over 25 years to care for their natural or man-made habitats throughout the year and over the years. Since our beginning in 1987, we have attracted employees and clients who value proactive care for the water and land around them. They believe, as we do, that the functionality, safety and aesthetics of their property is enhanced by professional, holistic care and that’s just what we provide. Finally, the success we are most proud over the years is the duration of our client relationships. Clients tell us they appreciate our responsiveness, professional staff, always up-to-date expertise, resourcefulness and affordability.

Our Team

The success that ILM’s clients have achieved is truly a reflection of our quality staff

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The success of our client’s natural areas is truly a reflection of our quality staff and passion for the environment. Looking to join the team?

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