Results: Forest Lawn Memorial

Forest Lawn Memorial


Forest Lawn Memorial, College Park GA


The pond at this site was an eyesore and was overrun with undesirable aquatic growth. The client wanted a beautiful water feature to compliment the surrounding grounds. Doing so on budget and quickly was of the utmost importance.

Services and Results

ILM began management with algae and aquatic weed control.  Once cleared we focused on keeping the site impeccable by removing trash and debris accumulation and adding pond dye.

I was beginning to think it was home to the Loch Ness Monster. Algae had began to grow and would not cease, to say it was an eyesore is an understatement. ILM to the rescue, since your initial visit up to today I cannot thank you enough. Our lake now looks like a Disney Production.......simply beautiful. Compliments have not stopped since you have taken over managing the lake. I tell everyone who asks ILM is awesome at what they do. Keep up the great work! - Randolph Taylor, General Manager