Results: Heinz Residence

Heinz Residence


Heinz Residence, Mettawa IL


The Heinzs have worked tirelessly to restore their property in a thoughtful and sustainable way over the last 7 years. Then, they engaged ILM to assist in management of their grasslands woodland and some of their more “aquatic” areas, including a nice pond. Every step forward has been done with a conscious thought about the best course of action for the land, and how best to encourage not only the elimination of many invasive species and introducing native plant species, but wildlife too.

Services and Results

ILM has performed woodland restoration, native seeding, pond evaluations, and prescribed burning to help enhance this property and restore it to a more native state.

Observing the work that ILM is doing for the Lake County Forest Preserve District and questioning their workers, we decided to hire them for our property. The care that we saw with each worker and the knowledge they carry with them was so impressive. The ILM crews are quite efficient in their work, having done this many times for others, large and small. It is such a pleasure to work with such professionals. We are eager to see the results as time goes by. - Thomas Heinz