Results: Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago

Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago


MWRD, Peregrine Lake- Palatine IL


The MWRD is challenged with maintaining a shallow lake with several different property owners (including the park district, and several homeowners associations) around the perimeter of the water. This lake averages 2-3 foot depth and has notoriously had problematic aquatic growth. Surrounding residents were complaining of poor aesthetics as well as a decline in recreation and poor smell. The MWRD wanted to be a good neighbor to these resident, but also wanted to approach this challenge with a thoughtful environmental approach. The District wanted to avoid overuse of pesticides and prevent any unintended side effects of large scale aquatic herbicide applications. By partnering on such a unique and forward-thinking project ILM and the MWRD have been able to help restore the water body and provide a beautiful focal point for the residents and patrons of this lake.

Services and Results

ILM has been working with the District since 2013, and recently entered into a three management plan which will extend into the 2016 service season.  ILM has implemented several management techniques to help remove nuisance vegetation.  Most notably, ILM has utilized our Truxor Aquatic Tool Carrier to manually remove vegetation from the water.  ILM works closely with the district haul away the large volume of material from the site.  Manually removing the vegetation provides multiple benefits.  Rather than dying and decaying in the water and recycling the nutrients into the water body physically removing the plants halts the nutrient cycle.  Further, manual removal eliminates the possibility of a sudden dissolved oxygen drop in the water following a large scale herbicide, thus preventing the possibility of an unintended fish kill.