Results: Spring Bluff

Spring Bluff


Spring Bluff Forest Preserve, Lake County Forest Preserve


The Lake County Forest Preserve was in the process of eradicating cattails, Phragmites, and Reed Canary Grass from this site along Lake Michigan in efforts to release the surrounding high quality sedge meadow and wet prairie that were being encroached by that aforementioned species.

Services and Results

Integrated Lakes Management was the prime contractor for the Spring Bluff non-native invasive species control project from 2010 to 2013.  The primary target species of this project were Typha sp (Cattails) that had begun to dominate the area. Initial control efforts were via aerial herbicide application. ILM staff then came in the following seasons to begin hand control due to the sensitive nature of the site. Areas were identified prior to any herbicide application occurring to determine which mode of application would be most appropriate. Low-pressure motorized equipment (Marsh Master), backpack, wick bar, and hand wicking all took place on site. The latter two being used in the areas were populations of desirable species were still present. Intense and meticulous work was required to make this project a success.   This forest preserve received the Chicago Wilderness/USEPA Award while being maintained by ILM.