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Wheaton Park District


Wheaton Park District, Wheaton IL


In 2014 ILM began working with the Wheaton Park District to manage and enhance the native landscaping at Northside Park, Thompson Property and Wheaton Oaks. These areas total 17.2 acres and have various plant communities including emergent, wet-mesic, and prairie. In addition to being aesthetically appealing and having high ecological function there were several, very specific, performance standards to be met.

Services and Results

Many services are being utilized at this site to achieve the desired results. Herbicide application to non-native species, prescribed burning, seeding, mowing and planting are all being implemented.  The contract runs through 2016, so the project is not yet complete, but we are seeing beautiful results so far.

The Wheaton Park District undertook a significant renovation of one of our historic parks along the Winfield Creek. This project involved installing a wetland buffer, a wet bottom detention basins, and mitigation within and adjacent to compensatory storage. Some of these areas included three years of maintenance through the original contractor and others were not maintained. ILM won the bid to maintain these areas through the county required sign off within approximately 18 months. They hit the ground running and quickly assessed what needed to be done and provide a game plan to make it happen. Communication is one of their strong points, identifying when they are planning to come out, what they intend to do, and providing a follow up report of what was done. They have also been very receptive to any questions or comments we have had. I am confident they will meet our expectations in completing this work. - Rob Sperl, Director of Planning Wheaton Park District