Results: Chicago Park District


Chicago Park District, Chicago IL


The Chicago Park District has roughly 200 acres of water comprised of 19 lagoons located throughout the city. These lagoons were created and designed for the surrounding communities’ enjoyment and recreation. Management of these lagoons is entirely focused on public satisfaction.

Services and Results

ILM Environments has been involved with the management of these lagoons and their surrounding native buffers since 2000; working closely with the Chicago Park District’s Department of Natural Resources to maintain a very defined level of expectation. ILM has a full time crew dedicated to monitoring the lagoons, treating nuisance aquatic growth, gather water quality data, manage for terrestrial invasive species, and maintain and repair the aeration systems. Dedicated to the beautification and preservation of these city gems, we are constantly adjusting techniques and strategies to ensure the highest level of public satisfaction. One of our crowning achievements has been the design and installation of a customized aeration system to suppress the growth of duckweed and Wolffia in the Sherman Park Lagoon.