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Specialty Equipment


Having the right tool for the task is critical, especially when there are so many different tasks to be done. ILM offers a highly specialized and unique fleet of equipment to help get the results you are looking for in almost any type of environment.

Amphibious Excavator

Our low ground pressure amphibious excavator allows us to perform a number of tasks in areas that are difficult to access with traditional equipment.  This unique piece of equipment can perform excavation of silt and sediment in ponds, lakes, and streams as well as the removal of entire roots systems in wetland areas. By adding a flail attachment, it can also clear vegetation on steep shoreline slopes and remove overhanging branches from waterways to improve navigation.  Access from the water means a minimal impact on the surrounding landscape. 

In the winter, the machine can be fitted with a forestry mowing attachment to mow invasive woody trees and shrubs such as willows and glossy buckthorn – typically present in wetlands and isolated upland areas.


This amphibious machine is designed to quickly and efficiently remove nuisance aquatic vegetation from ponds and lakes; including algae and rooted aquatic plants.  Multiple attachments offer cutting and raking capabilities.  In addition to aquatic weed control, the Truxor can cut emergent vegetation below the water’s surface (cattails and phragmites) and perform hydraulic sediment removal by fitting the machine with a pump and hose.  The Truxor has a low ground pressure and tread that allows it to travel over land into the water with no environmental damage. Our clients see cleaner, faster, and more cost-effective removal of unwanted vegetation and sediment.

Marsh Master

The Marsh Master is specifically designed to traverse through wetland terrain.  We are able to provide a superior level of wetland management for our clients by gaining accessibility to areas otherwise unreachable. The Marsh Master enables us to thoroughly and efficiently apply chemical to treat non-native species with a targeted or broadcast approach.   It can also mow emergent vegetation in wetland areas more quickly and cleanly.  Other capabilities include broadcast seeding and an efficient water source for use on large scale prescribed burns.

Forestry Equipment

Our forestry equipment, including multiple skid steers allows us to provide superior control of invasive woody species. With fecon forestry mowing and tree sheer attachments we can quickly and efficiently remove large and small woody species for our clients.

Another unique piece of equipment used by our team for woody control is a mid-size excavator or ‘midi’. Implementing a forestry mowing attachment on the boom of the midi allows for woody clearing on steeper slopes where a skid steer would not have safe access. The midi is also used on environmental construction projects involving grading and excavating.

Long Reach Excavator

Sometimes you just need a longer reach. That’s where our long reach excavator can help! With an average 50-ft reach, this excavator is an excellent tool for use on sediment removal projects for loading mucky sediment directly into trucks for immediate haul off and disposal. It can also provide easy reach from land for shoreline dredging projects.

Dino 6 Sediment Removal System

The Dino 6 Sediment Removal System is a uniquely portable hydraulic dredge equipped with a 6-inch submersible pump and a 66-inch-wide cutterhead. This small dredge was developed to perform jobs in areas that are inaccessible to other equipment. The Dino 6 can access and maintain retention ponds, golf courses, sediment lagoons, homeowner associations, lakes, small marinas, and perform a myriad of tasks that excavators and large hydraulic dredges simply cannot.

Amphibious Utility Sled

Our custom-built amphibious sled helps make the toughest jobs possible. With hauling and dumping capabilities, it allows for easy removal of sediment and root mass from wetland areas after excavation.

Interested in more information about our unique equipment and capabilities? Contact us today! We welcome the opportunity to work with you to improve the health and beauty of your lake, pond, wetland, woodland, or prairie.