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Lake Management Plans

What is a Lake Management Plan?

Lakes and ponds are all unique, especially in Illinois and Wisconsin with different environmental factors influencing water quality. Some factors that have negative impacts on water quality include lawn fertilizer runoff, grass clippings and leaves blowing into the lake, or sediment eroding into the water. Over time, what was once a clear lake will accumulate nutrients and sediment. This can lead to increases in nuisance plant and algae growth, a buildup of organic muck, and other negative impacts. For this reason, what was once a good management strategy for maintaining high water quality may need to change. Periodically assessing the health of a waterbody and building a management plan to suit the current conditions will allow you to implement effective management strategies to improve and maintain the health of a lake.

What Does a Lake Management Plan Look Like?

Creating a Lake Management Plan in Illinois and Wisconsin first involves surveying the lake for existing conditions. Some examples include surveying erosion, analyzing water chemistry, and examining aquatic plant composition. Historical information will also be gathered, which can include past water quality monitoring data, historical imagery, and other past management records. This helps inform what management strategies will be most effective to improve the health of the lake.

Additionally, stakeholders in the area are involved to help understand what management goals are most important to the community. Once these goals are defined and a strong understanding of biological processes on the lake is attained, we can help choose the best management strategies to accomplish the goals by setting a timeline for implementation and working within the management budget.

Why You Should Have a Lake Management Strategy

Lakes, rivers, and ponds in Illinois and Wisconsin are vital and amazing resources for the midwest, but they are also complex and continually influenced by what people do within the surrounding watershed. Creating a lake management plan or updating an existing one will help ensure management resources are being put to good use to achieve the goals desired by the community.

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