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Culvert & Conveyance Maintenance

The purpose of a culvert is to convey water from one place to another.  When a culvert loses its ability to move water, flooding can occur.  Regular inspection of your culverts will give you time to address concerns with functionality before serious flooding issues arise.  Common culvert issues and solutions include:

Clogged Culverts – debris and sediment build-up over time, preventing water from passing through.  Often this material can be pulled out by hand, but compacted culverts sometimes need to be cleared with a pressure washer or sewage jetter to blast the flow-disrupting materials out with water.  Rip rap rock material can be installed at the mouth of the culvert to serve as a “filter” to prevent material from clogging the culvert in the first place.

culvert and conveyance

Culvert Alignment – Freezing and thawing can cause culverts to come out of alignment, requiring them to be reset.  This involves excavating around the pipe and removing it, adding new rock bedding to restore appropriate pitch, and reinstalling the culvert.  We go the extra mile and secure the reset culvert to the neighboring pipe to ensure that the reset culvert stays in alignment.

A classic sign that your culvert needs to be reset is a hole caused by soil eroding into the crack between two culvert pipes.  This is not only bad for water quality, but the hole can pose a serious safety hazard.

culvert and conveyance - ILM

Culvert Replacement – When we dig out a culvert to reset it, it is not uncommon to discover the pipe needs replacement.  We work with our clients to plan for this contingency so that we can keep the project on track and on time.

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