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Water Quality Testing

What is Water Quality Testing and Why Do I Need it?

Lakes and ponds are complex ecosystems, and a variety of factors can negatively impact the health of a waterbody. Poor water quality has visible effects on a system and can be caused from sources such as excess nutrient pollution, soil erosion, and chemical runoff. Accumulated pollution can lead to increases in nuisance algae and aquatic plant growth,  fish kills, or lead to toxic algae blooms, which can impact the health of humans and wildlife. 

Water quality testing involves examining those factors that impact the health of a waterbody. Establishing a baseline can determine the current state of the system and tailor management recommendations to maintain or improve the health of the waterbody as needed. Without understanding these underlying conditions, management actions may not fully address the root cause of declining health in the pond or lake.

What Does Water Testing Involve? 

ILM will customize the recommended testing frequency and parameters depending on how your lake or pond is used – whether for swimming, fishing, irrigation, or stormwater management. Some common parameters include testing dissolved oxygen, nutrients, bacteria, algae, and plant identification, and chemical concentrations. 

While an initial survey provides insight into existing conditions, performing water quality testing periodically is vital to understanding the bigger picture and how your waterbody is changing over time. Making water quality testing a regular part of your lake or pond’s maintenance schedule will help enable early action to halt declines in the health of the system and provide the best-suited management solutions.

How Can I Improve My Water Quality? 

Due to the complex nature of aquatic ecosystems, there is rarely a single action that can fix all water quality concerns. By performing water quality testing, however, ILM can understand what factors are causing negative impacts and devise the best management plan to improve the health of your waterbody. Some holistic solutions include reducing pollution through installing vegetated buffers, nutrient inactivation, or sediment removal, balancing nuisance algae growth through promoting native aquatic vegetation, and removing noxious invasive species. 

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