Having the right tool for the task is critical, especially when there are so many different tasks to be doneā€¦

Amphibious Excavator

This amphibious excavator, lovingly called “Scoop Dogg”, allows us to perform excavating in hard to access areas.


This amphibious tool carrier is designed to quickly and efficiently remove nuisance aquatic vegetation. Our clients see cleaner, faster, and more cost effective removal of cattails, algae, and other aquatic vegetation.

Marsh Master

The Marsh Master is specifically designed to traverse through wetland terrain. We are able to provide a superior level of wetland management for our clients by gaining accessibility to areas otherwise unreachable. The Marsh Master enables us to treat nonnative species more thoroughly and efficiently, mow vegetation more quickly and cleanly, and access remote areas allowing us to better manage our clients wetlands areas.

Skid steer

Our skid steer allows us to provide superior control of invasive woody species. Our mower and bunch feller attachments allow us to quickly and efficiently remove large and small wood species and allow us to provide quicker and cleaner results for our clients.


These incredible versatile all-terrain vehicles can swim, climb, or crawl anywhere our clients need them to go! We use them to manage hard to access areas and their low ground pressure ensures minimal damage to surrounding landscapes.

Piranha Pump

The Piranha pump allows us to remove sediment in small areas. Our clients have asked us to utilize this to remove sediment from a variety of locations.

Sediment Removal Barges

ILM has several specialized barges and boats designed to assist in sedimetn removal. The versatility of these pieces of equipment allow us to serve a wide variety of our client’s needs.