Mechanical Removal

Service: Mechanical Removal

The physical removal of plant and algae material from your lake or pond has the benefit of providing immediate visual satisfaction while removing organic material from the water that would otherwise serve as a food source for additional aquatic plants and algae.  By breaking this cycle of nutrient accumulation, manual removal and plants and algae is often exactly what your lake or pond needs to be brought back into balance.

Mechanical Removal Process

ILM uses specialized equipment to manually remove nuisance aquatic vegetation quickly and efficiently from ponds and lakes.

The Truxor is designed to remove nuisance aquatic vegetation including algae and rooted aquatic plants.  Algae are skimmed off the top while loosely rooted aquatic plants, like coontail, are raked out which pulls the plants up by the roots, leaving little or no part of the plant behind. The Truxor can also cut emergent vegetation like cattails and phragmites below the water’s surface.  Its low ground pressure and tread allow the Truxor to travel overland into the water with no environmental damage.


Our low ground pressure amphibious excavator allows us to work in areas that are difficult to access with traditional equipment.  This unique piece of equipment can perform removal of entire root systems in shallow areas and is especially effective at digging out densely rooted plant species like cattail and phragmites.



Diver Assisted Suction Harvesting (DASH) involves using specialized pumps and hoses along with a diver to pull plants up by the roots and suction them out of the water and onto a dive boat platform.  This technique is especially effective when the selective removal of plants is in order.  And since we are removing the plant roots and all, the results are instant and long-lasting.

With our manual removal services, our clients see cleaner, faster, and more cost-effective removal of unwanted vegetation.

Mechanical Removal is an Immediate Solution

The chemical-free approach of physically removing unwanted aquatic plants and algae from lakes and ponds is becoming more and more popular with property owners and managers.  And ILM’s low-impact equipment provides immediate results without damaging the environment!

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If you need an immediate solution to your lake management, contact ILM today to schedule a consultation on our manual removal services. We can also provide holistic strategies to care for your environment. We are happy to help you improve the beauty and health of your lake, pond, wetland, woodland, or prairie.

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