ILM has a full range of ecological services to help our clients achieve their goals. We approach each new client relationship or assignment by discussing their objectives and assessing the current ecosystem conditions. Then we deploy the right combination of services to produce the desired results.

Service Environments


Woodland areas were quite frequent in the Midwest prior to human disruption. Now, the Oak Savanna is one of the most rare and endangered ecosystems on the planet. Did you know each mature oak tree in your yard could have an appraised value ranging of from $1,000 to $10,000? But the true value of these […]

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Prairies were once the dominant landscape in Illinois. Now they are a rare occurrence, making the protection and preservation of them critical. ILM staff is highly trained in the identification, restoration, and management of prairie ecosystems.

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Stream banks are often neglected and overlooked in the landscape. However, these streams are often critical in maintaining local biodiversity and mitigating flooding. Erosion, degradation, and neglect often leave streams in a sad condition.

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Wetlands are complicated ecosystems. Not only in the ephemeral nature of the flora and fauna that inhibit them, but also in the regulations and permitting surrounding their protection. Our clients benefit from our expertise in navigating both the regulatory and ecosystem complications surrounding wetland management.

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ILM’s skills in natural area management evolved as a natural progression from our years of experience with native aquatic ecosystem restoration and management. We understand the importance of native plant buffers around a pond or along a stream bank and their connection to other natural areas. Naturalized buffers are critical in creating a healthy aquatic […]

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Lake & Pond

Your aquatic resources are invaluable. Maintaining and managing them is not only critical, but often confusing. Our services are designed to help our clients reach their goals and get them the lake or pond aesthetic and health they want.

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