Service Environment: Woodland

Woodland areas were quite frequent in the Midwest prior to human disruption. Now, the Oak Savanna is one of the most rare and endangered ecosystems on the planet. Did you know each mature oak tree in your yard could have an appraised value ranging of from $1,000 to $10,000? But the true value of these trees, however, is in their water uptake, flood prevention, cooling your home and neighborhood, and carbon absorption capabilities. ILM can help you manage your woodland by controlling buckthorn and honeysuckle shrubs, removing herbaceous garlic mustard, and other invaders. Our staff is skilled at helping homeowners plan, permit and implement a regular burn regime to control weeds and invasive species to encourage a more native understory of plants. ILM uses selective tree removal to encourage the health of higher quality tree species that are best adapted to our rare woodland ecoregion and which provide vital habitat for the declining woodland animal species. Our experienced staff can develop a multi-year plan to help you save the rare natural resources you have in your own backyard or property, within a budget you can afford.