Algae & weed control

Service: Algae & weed control

  • Our project management team will design a treatment program based on the specific characteristics of each site. Our goal is to look at the “bigger picture” and to treat each water body as an entire ecosystem. Rather than redundantly treating the symptoms of an unbalanced ecosystem we will work with you to design a management plan that addresses the root cause of your water body’s issue.
  • Our aquatic technicians are highly trained and educated in the biology and treatment of aquatic systems. All our technicians are licensed by the Illinois Department of Agriculture to apply products designed for use in aquatic environments and have taken safety courses provided by the US Coastguard.
  • Before any treatment is made a complete inspection of the site is performed which includes water temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH, and clarity measurements. During this time we also remove man-made trash from in and around the water, identify plant and algae species, and take note of wildlife which may be present. Our observations and recommendations are compiled into a detailed report generated for the client.
  • ILM also offers a “green” approach to pond maintenance by using organic products and little or no pesticides. While more costly, this green approach controls unsightly algae and weed growth by working with the ecosystem and limiting the amount of algaecides and herbicides introduced into a water body

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