Bathymetric Mapping

Service: Bathymetric Mapping

ILM works with BioBase to create high quality bathymetric maps using sub-foot accuracy GPS and a sonar depth sounder. Maps can be used to identify good fishing holes and areas of sediment accumulation. Over time, sediment accumulates in lakes and ponds due to storm water runoff and erosion. It is important to monitor sediment thickness every few years. If the sediment is accumulating quickly, then preventative measures can be taken around the shoreline and in the watershed to stop erosion. Also, if the sediment is building up to where watercraft navigation is hindered or simply the lake or pond’s capacity to hold water is diminishing, ILM can perform dredging feasibility studies and develops permit applications. Periodic bathymetric mapping can help determine the amount of sediment loading over time and to efficiently locate the problematic areas.



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