Results: Highland Park Homeowners Association


Home Owners Association, Highland Park, IL


Preserve the aesthetics of the 30+ ponds on the property, Stabilize and enhance the shorelines with native installations, and honor and maintain the naturalized areas in the association.

Services and Results

Aquatic weed and algae control are performed on a weekly basis to ensure the highest level of aesthetics. Creative solutions have been implemented to minimize irrigation conflicts and ensure homeowner satisfaction. Naturalized shorelines are being installed and maintained with a two to three new sites each year. Seeding, matting, and plug installation have all been utilized.

I wanted to write you a letter in regards to ILM excellent performance in pond plantings, pond treatments, fountains, aeration needs, and so much more. Working with ILM for the past several years at an upscale Homeowners Association, that requires close monitoring for 22 ponds, ILM has excelled in performance. The response time is excellent, communication with weekly reports, and very reliable.

– Kyla Mercer, Senior Portfolio Property Manager, Lieberman Management Services