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Legend Lakes, McHenry IL


Legend Lakes has many acres of prairie and naturalized lakes. Proactive stewardship is key for proper management and the association has chosen to partner with ILM to ensure a consistent, high quality, and cost efficient maintenance routine is in place. After many years of partnership in aquatic management, a five-year natural areas maintenance program was started in 2013. The association wants to restore their natural areas and minimize surprise expenses. By joining in a five year plan the total cost is evenly billed each month and all management activities are scheduled and budgeted ahead of time. This allows for a flexible, comprehensive, and cost efficient partnership.

Services and Results

ILM works to not only keep the water attractive through algae and weed control services and fountain and aeration maintenance, but to enhance and maintain all of the natural areas on site. Restoration activities have included invasive species removal, woody clearing, and prescribed burning, all of which have resulted in noticeable enhancement of these large common areas.