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Results: Whippoorwhill Farm


Whippoorwhill Farm, Mettawa IL


Whippoorwill Farm is a beautifully restored native prairie landscape located in the Village of Mettawa. It had a rough start though, as a severely eroded field, but the Mettawa Open Lands Association (MOLA) had a different picture in mind. The MOLA partnered with DePaul University, Tall Grass and Integrated Lakes Management in an effort to re-create a native tall grass prairie.

Services and Results

ILM worked to remove the invasive woody species, restore nitrogen to the soil by conducting a prescribed burn and implemented native planting and seeding. The result was the pristine prairie you see today; winner of the Conservation and Native Landscaping Award in 2010. Today Integrated Lakes Management continues to provide restoration management to maintain the integrity of the native prairie.