We serve many different types of clients and find each one is a unique opportunity to partner. Below are examples of our clients results.

Private Residences

Private landowners often find themselves needing expert guidance and support to achieve their dream landscapes. Managing larger naturalized areas, managing private water bodies, or converting traditional landscaping to native gardens can be daunting. Our clients benefit from our expertise and thoughtful approach to private land management.

Eisenberg Residence

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Park Districts

Local Park Districts are often stretched thin when trying to further enhance their public lands and still maintain beautiful park and recreation areas. Park Districts who work with ILM gain a valuable resource in preserving and enhancing natural areas, maintaining pond and lakes to maximize patron enjoyment, and keep budgets on track.

Chicago Park District

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Balancing the needs and desires of tax payers is a daunting task. Often, it is difficult to keep up with simple maintenance needs let alone fund and implement plans to enhance naturalized areas. ILM partners with many local agencies to ensure their public lands are getting the highest level of care and that opportunities for expansion of natural areas are realized.

Whippoorwhill Farm

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Homeowners, Condo, Townhome and other community Associations have a unique set of needs. Coordinating with volunteer boards, professional property management companies, residents, and other vendors often takes experience and thoughtful customer service. Educating these communities on the wonderful opportunities associated with naturalized areas is an exciting chance for ILM to make associations’ common area an asset and pleasure for the community.

Highland Park Homeowners Association

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Legend Lakes

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Federal and State Agencies

ILM has worked with several federal agencies to ensure the highest level of execution for public lands. Our commitment to quality and cost efficiency enables us to partner with agencies to achieve their project goals.

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

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Educational Campuses

Our clients’ commitment to enhance the educations resource for their student body is a true inspiration for ILM. We work with these facilities to ensure the work done not only enhances the landscape, but provides an opportunity for the students to learn about and grow interest in the natural environment. ILM so greatly values education that we donate funds for a student scholarship which is awarded to a deserving student at the Illinois Lakes Management Association’s annual conference.

Loyola Academy

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Corporate Sites

Maintaining a professional campus can be challenging with ponds and naturalized areas. ILM works with property managers and landscapers to ensure that our corporate sites are consistently kept to the highest aesthetic levels.

Conway Park

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Woodland Falls

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Respecting the sanctity and honoring the solidarity of the land used to hold our loved ones is an important consideration for our clients. Tending to ponds and lakes on cemeteries requires a thoughtful and delicate approach. We take pride in nurturing naturalized areas to showcase their beauty and provide spot of comfort.

Catholic Cemeteries of Chicago

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